Most of the towns in and around Jervis Bay are relatively small and therefore quiet and peaceful, and people come to Jervis Bay to enjoy the tranquil beauty, natural setting and pristine beaches that it offers.  Please therefore respect the peace and quiet of the area and the neighbourhood that your beach house is in, and please observe the following common courtesies during your stay:

General house rules

1.Look after your house as if it were your own
2.Wash sand off your feet before entering your house
3.Please sort your rubbish between general waste (red bin) and recyclables (yellow bin)
4.Please put the rubbish bins out on the street when you leave the house, unless otherwise advised my notices that you will find in the welcome booklet for the house
5.Please do not smoke inside any of the houses. When smoking outside, please use an ashtray and put your cigarette butts in the garbage
6.Do not bring dogs or other pets inside unless you have specific permission to do so
7.If you do bring dogs, do not let them wander around the village off a leash
8.If you are staying for a long stay, consider watering any pot plants that may need some sustenance
9.No wild parties, obscene language or fireworks are allowed at any time

On the beach

1.Please carry away all of your litter and place it in the bins provided, either at the beach or back at your beach house
2.Please be considerate of others when playing ball games, music or making any other disturbance
3.No camp fires are permitted on any of the beaches around Jervis Bay
4.No fireworks are allowed at any time


A local taxi service for Jervis Bay is St. Georges Basin & Jervis Bay Taxis on 0412 429 439


If you need a local babysitting service in order to get out and about, one of the residents in the village, Vicki Fortescue on (02) 4443 3323 or may be able to help. Evenings are preferred and Vicki is a qualified early childhood teacher with full qualifications, police checks, first aid etc. Her rate is $25 per hour.

Massage and beauty treatments

If you need a massage or beauty treatment, please contact: