Making your booking prior to payment

You can search our website at any time to find and book the holiday accommodation that is right for you.  Or please call our office on +61 (2) 4443 0262 if you get stuck.  Our staff can help you to find the property that best suits your needs.


Once your booking request has been approved by us, we will require payment of a 50% deposit.  If you booking is made within 21 days of arrival, full payment will be required.  This is fully explained in our Terms and Conditions that will be provided to you via e-mail.  For credit card payments, we accept Visa or Mastercard only, and a 2% surcharge will be added.

To make a credit card payment using the button below, you will need:

 All prices are stated in Australian Dollars and we only accept Visa or Mastercard, not Amex or Diners (sorry!).

Click on the 'Pay Online' button below to make your payment:

Booking Credit Card Payment

Payment Security

We make every effort to secure your online payments, as follows: 

Customer service

If in doubt about any aspect of making your payment, please contact us on  or call our office on +61 (2) 4443 0242.