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About Hyams Beach Village

Mobile phone reception
Mobile phone reception can be difficult at times especially if you are in a location that is sheltered by or up against the hill at the back / west of the village. The southern end of the village can also be bad, and the signal generally weakens the further south you go. The best reception can be found around the cafe or at the top of the hill before you drive down into the village. At the time of print, the best reception in the village is via Telstra.

Public phone / post box
If all else fails, there is a public phone at the front of the cafe. Alongside it you will also find a good old fashioned red post box – if you need to post letters.

Television reception
For similar reasons (shadowing of the signal by the hill behind the village), television reception in the village can also be difficult at times. Most houses have tried to optimise their reception but sometimes the signal is poor or unavailable, despite the owner’s best efforts. Please bear this in mind, and if the television reception is poor, it may be due to atmospheric or weather conditions, rather than any fault of the equipment.

Native wildlife and reptiles
Hyams is set in a natural environment so sightings of kangaroos, bandicoots and other native animals are fairly commonplace. Please enjoy these encounters but keep at a safe and respectful distance from the animals. Totally harmless diamond pythons also occur in Hyams. If you do see one of these snakes, keep a safe distance away from them until they move on or return to their hiding place. They are not venomous but can bite if agitated. Please note that it is a criminal offence to kill one of these snakes. The best advice therefore is to keep away, leave them in peace and let them move on. If in doubt about any animal or reptile, you can contact Wildlife Rescue South Coast on 0418 427 214 or WIRES on 0427 427 214.

Hyams Beach is a dog friendly village and dogs are permitted on the beaches if on a leash. Check the signs for current regulations however, including the obvious need to clean up after your dog. Beware also of paralysis ticks (which are prolific in the area) and fox baiting in the bush that surrounds the village.  Dogs are only allowed at a holiday home if that is permitted by the owner and by specific arrangement with Hyams Beach Holidays.

Hyams Beach Café -  (02) 4443 3874
The Hyams Beach Cafe is located within the village and serves great coffee and food. It also stocks a range of newspapers, bread, milk, local produce and prepared meals. The Holidays Collection office is also located within the cafe.