Once your booking request has been approved by us, we will require payment of a 50% deposit.  If you booking is made within 21 days of arrival, full payment will be required.  This is fully explained in our Terms and Conditions that will be provided to you via e-mail.  For credit card payments, we accept Visa or Mastercard only, and a 2% surcharge will be added.

To make a credit card payment using the button below, you will need:

 All prices are stated in Australian Dollars and we only accept Visa or Mastercard, not Amex or Diners (sorry!).

Click on the 'Pay Online' button below to make your payment:

Booking Credit Card Payment

Payment Security

We make every effort to secure your online payments, as follows: 

Customer service

If in doubt about any aspect of making your payment, please contact us on  or call our office on +61 (2) 4443 0242.